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Scoring for Film and Multimedia

Film Scores

Civil Defense: Red Rover

The first installment of an alt-history, post-apocalyptic cinematic universe of Civil Defense. Directed by Julia Tranfaglia and produced by Multihouse Entertainment 2019.

Battle For Beyond

Trailer featuring the main theme for the new DnD Beyond series: Battle for Beyond, collaboration with Fandom Entertainment.

The Waiting Room

Short film by Colin Harker.  Winner of Best Original Score at the Rough Cut Film Festival 2017

I Can See Me (Excerpt)

Excerpt from a short film by Katusha Jin, A brief look into the struggle of a simple daily routine

Music for Motion Design Reel


Tesla's Lens

Promo video highlighting a burlesque photography studio in Chicago

Moving Panels

A short excerpt of an abstract clip exploring motion and sound

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